Ages 8 – 11

Bee-Attitudes In the Play Area
In case families can’t come in person to class, this group will have our weekly studies uploaded to the “Resources” tab in the Church Center Bee-Attitudes Group. That group is also a forum where parents can discuss anything pertaining to their kids, etc.  For access to Church Center please speak to your child’s teacher.

Class Schedule Breakdown

5 minutes to shake in Shalom

We use this introduction to open up about ourselves and positive events we have been experiencing, and shake in Shalom. This creates a safe environment of love and encouragement for our children, and opens them up to learning more about each other.

5 minute weekly recap

We discuss their homework, pass out raffle tickets for bringing their work and their Bibles, and quickly recap the previous week.

20 minutes with FFOZ’s Children’s Torah Clubhouse

We discuss “What’s in the Torah”, “Tales of the Messiah”, or work on Torah-based crafts and activities.

Each week varies based on the teacher’s discretion, but usually will follow the weekly themes at Beit Lechem. (See Next Generation main webpage)

30 Minutes of the Monthly Themed Study

Take-home assignments

Each week children will have the opportunity to study Scripture at home on their own (but we encourage these studies to be done as a family to break down misunderstood words and open up for at-home discussion and learning).

There will be assignments that are meant to take up no more than one hour of each child’s time throughout the week, to keep them active in study, and encourage learning.

 These can include but are not limited to:

    • Uncompleted work during Shabbat School
    • Hebrew Training
    • Memory Verses
    • Learning songs of Praise and Worship

Completion of these assignments at home will reward each student with raffle tickets.

Each month teachers will hold a raffle where the participants can have the opportunity to win a prize from our prize box. This activity encourages incentives for dedication and hard work.

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