Learn Hebrew!

Now is your chance to begin learning Hebrew with us!

In this introductory course, you learn the foundations of Hebrew, including the alphabet and vowel symbols with the goal of reading words that appear in our Siddur (liturgical prayer book) and throughout the Shabbat service. Once you have this foundation set, you will move on to learn how to read Biblical Hebrew straight from the Torah scroll.  You will then continue your Hebrew journey learning conversational and modern Hebrew.

Course Materials:

Required Book:  Shalom Uvrachah: The New Hebrew Primer (Download chapter 7 in pdf format here)

Optional App / online learning supplement:  Shalom Hebrew  (These resources can be used either by downloading an app or by logging into your account online at the Berhman House publisher’s website.  Includes 15-month license. Download the app from Apple, Google Play, or Amazon and try the first five lessons free.)

You can also purchase the book and/or app online at these sites:

The New Hebrew Primer Book and App Features

Hebrew Primer Print Book Description

Click on Image to download pdf of chapter 7 of print bookShalom Uvrachah: The New Hebrew Primer

(Description from the publisher – click on image to download Chapter 7)

Every feature of this primer – from its ground-breaking methodology to its vibrant, streamlined design – has been years in the making.

Shalom Uvrachah makes use of the best contemporary educational theory:

  • Meaningful words teach decoding skills.
  • Vowel sounds are systematically introduced in small, manageable increments.
  • Confusing look-alike and sound-alike letters are introduced separately.

Exercises include:

  • Visual distinction practice
  • Similar letter-sound and vowel-sound drills
  • Writing practice to reinforce the forms of the letters
  • Exercises allowing teachers to customize reading practice for each class
  • Checkpoints to monitor student progress

Teaching Hebrew writing has been simplified with custom-designed Hebrew print fonts, enhanced by arrows showing how to form each letter.


Shalom Uvrachah also features:

  • Selected readings of key prayers and blessings, including Shema, Ve’ahavta, and Aleinu
  • Heritage dictionary of 80 cultural words
  • Explanation of special reading rules
  • Text and activities together in one volume

Shalom Hebrew App Description

Shalom Hebrew Digital App Description (from the publisher)

Download the app from Apple, Google Play, or Amazon and try the first five lessons free.

15-month license. For mobile devices or laptops.

Developed in conjunction with the Jewish Journey Project, Shalom Hebrew Digital is a digital primer accessible from laptops, smartphones, or tablets to learn decoding. Hebrew letters, vowels, and keywords are introduced with animation and reinforced with audible practice readings, interactive exercises, and games. Students can share their Hebrew reading recordings to a central database where teachers can monitor progress provide feedback.

Each license for Shalom Hebrew Digital is good for one person for 15 months. For licenses purchased by schools, the 15 month ‘count down’ begins when the license is passed to a student through the Online Leanring Center. Unassigned licenses held by the Educational Director account remain inactive until assigned to a student through the OLC.

Shalom Hebrew Digital can accommodate up to six different people on any mobile device, making it useful in classroom settings as well as for home use. Once downloaded, the app can be used without internet, and will sync when internet is available to track user progress.

Shalom Hebrew OLC App follows the structure, organization, and pedagogy of the textbooks in the Shalom Uvrachah series: Shalom Uvrachah and Shalom Uvrachah Primer Express (grades 3-4), and Shalom Hebrew, a primer designed for older learners (grade 5+). It is a perfect digital companion for learners using these materials, and encourages additional practice and reinforcement.

The first five lessons of Shalom Hebrew Digital are available for free download from the Apples App store, Amazon App store, and on Google Play.

To get the full app, order it here in our online store, then log in to your downladed app using your behrmanhouse.com account credentials and click ‘Reset All” for complete access to all the lessons. (For school use, see below).


How Schools Access the Complete Shalom Hebrew Digital:

  1. Purchase the app through the Behrman House online store using the credentials you used to set up your school’s Online Learning Center space. account.
  2. Log in to your educator’s account and add Shalom Hebrew Digital to a class (with students).
  3. Students added to the class automatically have full access to the app from any device. They can download the app free from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon App Store, and log in using their OLC login information.