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The Next Generation Youth Programs

 About our Youth-Centered Ministries

Our goal is to inspire and raise up new generations who can bring change and add value to every community we are part of.

Shabbat School is a weekly class that starts after the worship and liturgy ends and runs for about one hour where children learn Torah-based principles applicable to everyday life.

Teaching Themes

Each week varies based on the teacher’s discretion, but usually will follow the weekly theme at Beit Lechem.

  • Week 1: Torah Principles
  • Week 2: Prayer and Healing  
  • Week 3: Messianic Perspective
  • Week 4: Praise and Worship
  • Week 5: Erev Shabbat – Family from a Biblical Perspective

B’nai Mitzvah Ministry Enrollment Request

A lot of the material learned in Shabbat School is also used as preparation for our B’nai Mitzvah ministry, which begins for most children at age 10.

To Request Enrollment for your child in our B’nai Mitzvah ministry please click the link and follow the instructions.

Learning and Volunteer Expectations

Shabbat School is not meant to simply be a break from our Shabbat Services but to be used as a way to teach the same principles adults are learning, on a scale better suited for children.

It requires effort for your child to obtain spiritual and learning benefits. Parents are expected to be engaged with their child’s learning and development, and to support them in any way they require throughout the week.

In addition, parents are expected to also assist with Shabbat School in some capacity.

We have a monthly teacher rotation and provide prepared lesson-plans. We encourage you to volunteer to lead classes. We also need help with field trips and fundraising for the future endeavors of our youth.

All ministry materials are available through Beit Lechem.

Questions? Email us at

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